An answer to all new regulatory customs requirementsGVMS CDS S&S GB

Partner to Key Accounts and SMEs in all sectors of activity, CONEX develops and markets a range of collaborative tools for the management of customs and security declarations.

Its customers, importing/exporting companies, carriers and registered customs representatives, use its solutions and services to optimise and secure the entry, processing and electronic exchange of declarations for all their international movements of goods.

Recent developments in the CDS, GVMS, S&S GB and ICS2 customs clearance systems and procedures have created an environment conducive to innovation at CONEX. Its software suite for processing customs declarations has been evolving according to new declarative standards. Its CUSTOMS and SAFE solutions generate CDS customs and ICS security declarations respectively, secure information flows and ensure electronic exchanges with British and European customs administrations. The company goes further and has turned towards artificial intelligence and blockchain to offer customs operators productivity gains and enhanced security for data entry and processing.


Safeguarding the financial implications of goods classification

TARIFF via conex™ is a database that watches over companies' customs compliance.

It is a real compendium of functionalities to help determine goods commodity codes. Its strength lies in its powerful smart search engine which assists and accompanies declarants in a relevant way: it compares the common vocabulary with that of the customs tariff, sorts the data, offers classification suggestions, manages relevant filters, refines and considerably reduces the tree structure of customs information to get to the essentials.


Processing with greater visibility and rapidity

In the ever-evolving context of customs process digitisation towards zero paper, CONEX offers its customers a solution for organising and securing their exchanges with their customers, partners, suppliers and employees. ZEN via conex™, the collaborative workplace and dematerialised archiving platform, centralises, tracks and logs data flows, documents and exchanges of instructions. ZEN intelligently organises all data flows, enabling the operator to follow the lifeline of his/her work file, from its pre-declaration, through the declarative phase and onto archiving. The platform centralises documents and information which, until now, arrived by a variety of methods depending on everyone's habits: email, telephone, drive... ZEN via conex™ is based on blockchain technology. All exchanges are tracked and protected by their digital fingerprint and a timestamp; the data is therefore unalterable.


Supporting Customs services in document digitalisation

CONEX does not stop there when it comes to offering customs operators more comfort and performance in customs procedure management.

2023 sees the launch of its OCR module, OCR via conex™ which, thanks to artificial intelligence, identifies in documents useful data for customs declarations, digitises, analyses and formats them for direct integration into the CONEX customs clearance solution, precisely where declarants need them. By developing this new application in its customs software suite, CONEX saves operators the time-consuming and tedious work of manual data input. By reducing this task upstream, the CONEX platform allows declarants to make considerable gains in work productivity, safety and comfort.

CONEX supports customs operators in customs procedure management with the guarantee of providing applications that comply with regulations and of benefiting from additional innovative and facilitative tools.