CONEX is a customs procedure management software specialist. Our SaaS platform, complete and modular, is dedicated to the treatment of all types of declarations. It’s our core business, and we master all the components of it. We cover all your interconnection needs with customs administrations, your suppliers and your customers.


CONEX: a galaxy of skills for a universe of services. Our multidisciplinary competences combine in-depth regulatory analysis, IT expertise and on-the-ground operational experience, meaning that your customs matters are in safe hands and you can concentrate on your business.


CONEX has a panoramic view of the world of customs. From the big picture of global trade movements through to the tiniest details of local requirements, we keep an eye out for you, through involvement with customs bodies, standards organisations and professional associations.


Our user-friendly solution is fully integrated with your existing IT environment, saving you time and money through data optimisation and process automation, assuring compliance and security for real peace of mind.


What matters for us is you: your business, your goods, your dealings with customs authorities, your success! From the key stages of an organisational change to the daily use of our tools: we are always by your side, helping you to enhance and strengthen your customs compliance.


At your side to enhance and strengthen
your customs compliance

The customs landscape is at the heart of our strategic vision and our solutions. We endeavour to be constantly tuned in to the ever-changing European and global customs scenes, creating a bridge between professionals and the customs authorities. In doing this, we meet the expectations of customs operators, meriting their confidence and loyalty.
Our experience and commitment to quality enable us to reinforce our competitiveness in the electronic customs tool market: customs procedure management software in accordance with national regulations, data transmission and archival storage via our EDI transmission platforms. Having anticipated dematerialisation and in stride with the rapid evolution in technology, we have the necessary skills to adequately foresee the needs of our profession. Read more

Alban GRUSON - Founder & CEO of CONEX


Regardless of your customs procedure needs and your business context, we have the fully compliant solution for you, in a totally electronic customs environment: IMPORT-EXPORT -SPECIAL PROCEDURES-ECS-NCTS-ICS-EMCS-CUSTOMS TARIFF.

Choosing CONEX solutions means increasing your productivity by reinforcing and enhancing the management of your customs data and your EDI exchanges with administrations, your customers and your subsidiaries. Our full range of products and customs services provides you with the guarantee of efficiency and compliance in a context where reliability and traceability are not negotiable.

Regardless of your customs procedure needs and your business context, we have the fully compliant solution for you, in a totally electronic customs environment: CFSP (SDP, EIDR), Special Procedures (Bonded Warehouse, IP, OPR, TA, End Use), Import & Export full declarations, NCTS. >>>

Informations douanières d'un simple clic! Créez votre propre encyclopédie du déclarant en sélectionnant les modules de votre choix. ENCYCLOPAEDIA DES DOUANES via conex ™  avec notes explicatives du système harmonisé, publications officielles (UE, GB, FR, etc.), avis de classement, surveillance réglementaire, codes des douanes de l'UE. >>>

SAFE via conex ™  est la solution développée par CONEX pour gérer les déclarations de sécurité préalables avant l’importation de marchandises dans certains pays et territoires douaniers. SAFE via conex ™ permet la gestion des déclarations de sécurité préalables suivantes: Union européenne (EU / ICS), Japon (JP / AFR), Israël (IL / CRI). >>>