TARIFF via conex™ a unique database that meets the European and national customs regulation requirements faced by customs operators. A true source of interactive information, the TARIFF via conex™ is organised into one or more independent modules: tariff classification, Customs Publithèque, regulatory surveillance, according to your choices and needs.


Managers of customs and legal departments, declarants & commercial representatives requiring customs regulation information.


Customs tariff

 Official publications,

 Specific regulations,

 Customs regulatory surveillance.


Subscription to on-line regulatory

database service.


Tariff classification, necessary control

Customs Tariff and the Harmonised System Explanatory Notes

Includes goods nomenclatures used for customs clearance, the wording of the associated definitions and the duty and tax rates.

Official publications

Direct and rapid access to consolidated European Union (OJEU) or national regulatory texts (JORF, BOD, etc.).

 Classification notices

Consultation of all the goods classification notices issued by the competent bodies. Each nomenclature cited in the classification notices is directly related to the customs tariff.


TARIFF via conex™, a veritable on-line library

Online Library of revised and consolidated Customs Regulations. “A la carte” subscription according to the publications * of your choice.
Hypertext navigation between publications, it’s possible to annotate texts and to share them with your team.


* Union Customs Code (Cross-references to Delegated and Implementing Acts), customs value, origin, customs clearance arrangements and procedures, full and simplified procedures, transit, special procedures, customs duties, trade tax system, National Customs Code.


Regulatory surveillance, a personalised service

Led by a team of specialists, we follow the news for you and provide you with evolutions in national and European regulatory information.

Select your preferences: Customs tariff section, coveted themes (quotas, refunds, anti-dumping duties, excise duties, standards, etc.)

We collect, process and qualify the information for you.