Eurotunnel partnership - Conex video

Customs and security formalities

New implementation dates

CONEX has the software solution
to meet all these formalities.

In partnership with EUROTUNNEL, CONEX, a major player in customs dematerialisation, offers carriers all the software solutions they need for their post-Brexit customs formality management. A range of specialised customs software connected to customs systems on both sides of the Channel.
ICS/ENS Import Control System The European Union advance security declaration - Imports into EU from the United Kingdom (since January 2021)
GB S&S/ENS Safety & Security The British advance security declaration – Imports into GB from the EU (from 1st July 2022)
EXS Exit Summary Declaration  The GB Export declaration for goods heading to the EU and that are not covered by a full customs exportation declaration.
Dematerialised folder grouping together the reference numbers of previously registered declarations meeting the customs formalities required according to the goods carried on board a means of transport crossing the United Kingdom border. (from 1st January 2022)